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How To Make Champions Out Of Racing Pigeons

They are fondly called as the 'racehorses' of the sky. Racing pigeons are still being raced, and batches and batches of these birds are still seen circling the skylines.

The days of pigeon racing they say is not over, even though some reminisce about the old days where racing these birds are very popular. In fact in some suburbs, you can still notice some fanciers that raise these birds and they maintain lofts on their rooftops. And during early mornings and late afternoons, you will notice these winged creatures still flapping their wings desperate to reach the finish line first. The action on the skyline is intense.

But the intensity of the action is more felt on the ground where fanciers and raisers of these birds await with bated breath if their winged creatures will be the first ones to cross the imagined finished line. And as soon the birds cross the designated borderline, fanciers and the enthusiasts would erupt in claps and cheers the loudest of course belong to the winning fancier. This goes on and on as long as there are competitions involving these pigeons. And so is the list of fanciers wanting to be the next toast of the racing community.

For every screams of joys, there is also that group of fanciers who silently applaud and hope that they can bring the fastest pigeons the next time around. Are you one of them? If you are then remember that success in this form of racing is simple and easy; it's about teaching those winged creatures in the art of navigation and endurance. You need navigation so birds can fly on their own and return to their loft and endurance so that the birds can withstand long travels.

Add up the 'care' ingredient and you have the perfect recipe for racing pigeon champs. You will also need to incorporate care and understanding because these birds are living creatures as well. It's because in their daily forays in the skyline they will have to contend with strong winds and even other larger birds.

More than these three rules, dedication is also important for fanciers wanting to raise champions. Remember that there is an ocean of difference between a pigeon racer and the keeper. The keeper simply raises these birds. The racer is the one that breeds, trains and cares for these birds. You will need dedication because it takes many years to properly understand the needs and wants of these birds. Once you have these ingredients, then it's a lot easier shaping future champion birds. Here are some other factors in order to come up with champs in your loft.

Look for the finest bloodline of these birds.

Systematic training of these winged creatures should come next and finally;

Treat these birds as an 'athlete' by taking into account training strategies.

These may be tough to follow, but experience will tell you that it works. Remember, whatever you do for these racing pigeons they notice. Just try releasing them, and signal them to come back and for sure these birds will come back- just another reason why it pays to extend the best training and dedication for the birds.

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