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All About Homing Pigeon Racing

Homing pigeon racing is the kind of sport that is composed of a single starting gate but has at least a hundred finish lines. It is then referred to as the "uncontrolled competition". It is likewise considered an aerial race wherein there are thousands of competing birds yet there are no spectators. Nevertheless, it is the sport that involves one of the most amazing creatures and feathered friends of man. That is no other than the Homing Pigeon.

Historically speaking, they were once made as the source of food for humans and their droppings were good fertilizers for the fields. Eventually, their droppings were then utilized to create gun powder.

Then again, the pigeons became popularly known to many because of their ability to carry messages home. These birds then became an integral part of the history of mankind. History traces back time before the birth of Christ, the ancient Egyptian's assigning of the birds to carry information in their kingdoms, the involvement of these pigeons in the first Olympic games, and their use for the military and business leaders. The use of the pigeons then spread towards China, India, and Greece. To top it all, some military agencies still utilize the pigeons to run their communication systems with the other units.

Through time, raisers of homing pigeons surfaced. They have taken particular interest to these birds and have realized that they can make a hobby out of it. In fact, some people or organizations treat the sport as a profitable business. Yes, it is very profitable because it aims to gather fliers from all over the world to compete for a much coveted prize in this competition.

So, how do you train the homing racing pigeons? Here is how.

Train the pigeons in groups. This will help relieve their panic and improve their confidence. Remember that when they are taken out of their lofts, they begin to get stressed out. They have somehow developed the thinking that their lofts are their comfort zones and when removed from them, they feel threatened. However, seeing their other family members will let them forget the panic.

Gradually take the youngsters a couple of miles away from home then release them. These birds have that innate ability to return home. Start with a short distance and then increase it little by little. You can also entice them to go back home at a fast rate with grains and treats.

Encourage the pigeon to go solo when you think it can handle it. This will train the pigeon to fly without the others without losing its confidence that it can go home alone.

Time the bird's flight. With continued practice, its travel rate will become faster and faster.

Only enter your homing pigeon in the race if you feel it is fully prepared. You can run through the different races by checking the schedules online.

Start with a small race and then move on to a higher level. This will enhance your pigeon's flight time.

Overall, homing pigeon racing doesn't only develop the bird's innate ability but test your patience as the trainer. When properly trained to be competitive, you will not have any problems about its winning in the race!

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