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A Couple Of Things To Know About Racing Pigeons

What does it take to grow sturdy and capable racing pigeons? Does it have something to do with dedication, care, time, and effort, or a combination of all these?

If you are one bird enthusiast, you probably know that pigeon racing is a sport that is considered by many as a very rewarding one. Some people even bank on this for business purposes. Others consider it as a hobby. Whichever is goal, you must remember that you can always enter your pigeons into a race provided that you know of the basics to ensure that their health is in its best shape to enable them to train and compete eventually.

So, what you must ensure are to clean the loft, make sure there is no damp area which can become the breeding place of fungus and bacteria, give your pigeons fresh water and clean food at all times, and check with a vet to keep them healthy and strong. Through all of these, your youngsters will definitely grow into good racers.

Alright, so let us discuss these factors comprehensively. Read on to be properly guided.

The loft. This will be the place which your pigeons will consider their home. There are lofts that are too big that they can cost you a lot to purchase one while others are small and some are even simply made of scrap materials. For some people, the loft can be a small wooden box that is about the size of the orange crate. But take note that we are not debating on the size or the cost of the loft. It is about which you think is more comfortable for your pigeons and easiest for you to maintain. It will highly depend on your budget and the number of lofts you prefer to have. The most important thing is of course, it is clean and dry and is safeguarded against the possible predators.

The water, food, and grit. If the pigeons left in the wild depend on scraps of food and seeds for their survival, the racing pigeons are exactly the opposite. They basically need clean food, fresh water, and the aced grain that has low moisture content. The market presents you with numerous brands to choose from. You can look for a complete food. Be sure to feed a balanced diet to your birds.

Without water, the pigeons are less likely to survive. Even athletes need water and the same with these pigeons who are trained to race. The water that they drink must be free from bacteria. Thus, be sure to clean the container and serve fresh water every time.

Grit is the mixture of limestone, crushed oyster shell, ground bone, salt, granitite, charcoal, and different trace minerals. Health grits are now sold in the market so it is easier to get one to add to your pigeon's daily nutrition.

Racing pigeons is indeed something to be engaged with. If you are very much into this, you can take note of these basics.

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