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   Tips For Housebreaking Your Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Dog

House-breaking your Pit Bull puppy requires a lot of time, effort, and patience on the part of the owner. There is no set time-frame on when your puppy will be able to do this, or how long it will take, you just have to start a routine and stick with it until it is finished. Many owners lose patience with their dogs due to problems that often arise during the house breaking process. It is important to just work through them as they come, and to remember not to punish your puppy, but work through this process together.

Many things can be done along the way that will help make housebreaking faster and easier for you and your puppy. As with any type of training, you have to be consistent with the routine. Take your dog out at the same time everyday, or if you arenít able to, make sure that someone else can. The puppy will soon learn when it is time to go, and eventually will know what is expected of him. You should have everyone else in the household alerted to the routine, and willing to help when needed. Sometimes it is helpful to keep a journal of your dogís habits, so that if they turn into a problem later, it will be easier to correct them.

You should also try to go outside with your puppy so that you can be sure he is going to the bathroom while he is outside, which will help avoid accidents while inside. If you are unable to go out with your puppy, he should be confined to one area such as a crate, or fenced in backyard, so that he can learn this is his space to go.

One thing that can interrupt the housebreaking process is irregular feedings. It-

is important that you feed your puppy the same amount at the same time everyday, and try to avoid giving him extra snacks and treats until he is successfully housebroken.

The most important thing when housebreaking your puppy is to be patient and understanding. He is going to learn overnight, and there will be messes along the way. You have to understand that this takes time, and try to maintain reasonable expectations of your puppy. It is important not to punish your puppy when that happens, rather just clean it up and accept it for what it is, part of the process. You will have a much better relationship with your puppy if you are patient with him as he grows.


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